Plaque 14: The Dawson Crossley Field

Plaque 14

The Dawson Crossley Field

Awarded a Blue Plaque in 2017

This field and the adjacent river bank, otherwise known as ‘The Mill or Milne Close’, was given by John Crossley and Joshua Dawson to the Overseers of the Poor of Addingham in 1685-6. In the deed for this land, Joshua Dawson decrees ……“that the yearly Rent issue and profits of the said Close let by the said respective Overseers as aforesaid given and distributed according to their discretions to the most indigent and poorest of the poore of the Parish of Addingham….”

The field is now the property of the Addingham United Charity but rented by the Parish Council for the free use of all, and it is a pleasant place for a picnic or a bit of fishing.

Dawson Crossley Field

The Dawson Crossley Field in the foreground, beside High Mill, in 1976