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Addingham Heritage GroupHeritage Projects




The D-Day exhibition in the Hub

D-Day was a huge undertaking with so many people, groups and organisations coming together to contribute to its success. Our display reflects that spirit of co-operation.

Horsa GliderReproduced by kind permission of the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance RegimentWe knew there were images in the Photo Archive that we could use, some of which are also in the Civic Society’s publications, ‘Addingham in World War Two’ by Beryl Falkingham and Richard Thackrah and ‘Main Street Memories: Living and Shopping in 1940s Addingham’ by Beryl Falkingham, Gloria Stitt and Don Barrett. And of course there are plenty of images on the internet, but these had to have a relevance to our story and one in particular did. Les Chamberlain (whose story is told in the exhibition) was in one of the gliders that landed at Pegasus Bridge and we wanted to show a Horsa glider in flight – there were six of them so a flight of six was needed. This was difficult to arrange since there are very few model kits of the glider available (and our model making skills are not what they were when we were teenagers). However, there is a great photo from the 6th Airborne Armoured Recce Regiment RAC that we were able to use and also Ken Crooks, son of Les Chamberlain was kind enough to lend us a Horsa glider model.

Physical artifacts would enhance the display – and that’s where the co-operation really started. Firstly, we heard about Keighley Plastic Model Club who meet in the Hub every month and were very pleased to let us borrow a superb selection of D-Day models their members had made. The models are delicate so we needed some display cases to protect them from inquisitive fingers. And that’s where Ilkley Library and The Thackray Medical Museum collaborated and loaned us the display cases.

The Second World War Experience Centre in Otley is a treasure trove of information and artifacts and they kindly let us borrow a genuine Air Raid Warden’s kit. And finally, pupils at Addingham Primary School made a brilliant scrapbook including all sorts of things, including war time recipes. We’d love to know whether anyone has tried making the vinegar cake!

And to round off the co-operation, Addingham Film Club helped us to show that epic film about D-Day, ‘The Longest Day’'

So, ten different organisations and people co-operated in making the display. It’s been so popular that it will now run through to the end of July, so you still have time to go and see it in the Hub.

The 1,683 slides project

1 Chapel St 1985 Hadley's Wool HouseOver many years we have accumulated 35mm slides from various sources, principally from Hilda Holmes, Kate Mason, Arnold Pacey and Don Barrett.

Many of these slides have been scanned and incorporated into the Heritage Group’s collection but there are others that have not been scanned and many were only scanned at low resolution.

Therefore, in 2023, the group decided to get all the 1,683 slides commercially scanned at high resolution and added to the photo archive.

Townhead Mill 1979 on fireThis has become a multi-stage project necessitating sorting through all the files, adding as much information as possible, adding them to the main collection stored ‘in the cloud’, removing duplicates and then copying them to the public archive where needed to ‘tell the story’. This will be done after Heritage Group Members have looked through all 6,000 files on public display and eliminated photos which are not needed.
This project was started in the autumn of 2023 but is unlikely be completed until up to a year later.

The Greenwood Mausoleum

The Greenwood MausoleumThe Greenwood Mausoleum is a Grade II listed building in the Methodist cemetery along Chapel Street. It is an utterly unique structure, carefully designed and beautifully built of ashlar stone construction, with original wooden doors to East and West. On both the North and South faces there are well carved panels charting the deaths of leading members of the Greenwood family in the mid to late C19. What cannot be seen are the 3 panels within the building, 2 of which had fallen to the floor because of water penetration from the roof.

Chris Cobley of the Heritage Group carefully reconstructed these smashed panels on the floor and recorded their contents with the permission of the Methodist Church. They also permitted him to water-proof the roof by using a combination of lime mortar and mastic where appropriate to fill the very small cracks which had opened out in the stone joints of the roof, so no further damage can be done to the interior of the building, especially the one panel which survives in its original position on the wall.

Greenwood Mausoleum UrnUnlike many other listed buildings in Addingham this one is not just an amazingly imaginative and unusual architectural oddity, but one which contains both inside and outside it a full record of those interred within: the family which built both Netherwood House and the Swan.

New Addingham High Mill Information Board

High Mill Information Board Unveling200 years ago, Addingham was a hive of textile industry with hundreds of mill workers click-clacking to work in their clogs. High Mill, originally a Medieval corn mill, was extended to include two spinning mills in the late 1700s which was a ‘boom-time’ with new textile mills being rapidly built in Addingham and across the north of England.

In 2023 the Heritage Group unveiled an Information Board at the mill, the first of its planned boards marking the development of industry in the village. This new board, designed by Don Barrett, features a painting of the mill by J M W Turner, a photo of it at the end of its working life and a brief history. It is positioned, opposite the bottom of High Mill Lane, so that it will be passed by up to 5,000 Dales Way Path walkers each year and so inform both visitors and residents.


High Mill Information Board UnveilingIt was unveiled on 15 February by Chris Cobley and Suzy Stewart in front of an audience of about 40 members and locals. Chris Cobley, a mill resident and Heritage Group member involved in preparing the board, said “It will really put High Mill on the map, together with its long and fascinating history.”


High Mill Information Board unveiling“We have been planning this initiative for some time,” said Don Barrett “but covid and other problems delayed implementation. We are delighted to now have the first board in place and are very grateful to the residents of High Mill and Suzy Stewart of Hamiltons Restaurant next door to the Mill for jointly funding the project”.

After the unveiling everyone was invited to Hamiltons restaurant for a celebration tea, generously provided by Suzy, with extra cakes from Jackie Olive – a most enjoyable event!