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Civic Pride Awards

One of the great characteristics of Addingham is its strength of community spirit. Back in 2012 the Society was looking for a way in which it could celebrate this. So in July 2012 the first Civic Pride Award was made as a way to thank residents or organisations for their outstanding commitment to the village.
If you would like to nominate a Village resident or an organisation for our 2022 award then please put a few words together describing the reason for your nomination and get in touch with us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01943 839792.

These are our awards so far with a short note accompanying each one, just stating why the Award was given. The first presentation was made to The Fleece, since then a Civic Pride Award, and sometimes two, have been presented almost every year.

August 2023 Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson Civic Pride Award

In recognition of his great contribution to the life of Addingham and the Society during his 13 years in office. Jim was passionate about overseeing new initiatives, developing a large and supportive membership and working closely with the trustees and many other organisations. To name just a few examples of his achievements, he oversaw the development of the Blue Plaque Trail, the building of the Pétanquè Court and, in liaison with Addingham Parish Council, he established the Addingham Village Newsletter. He leaves the Society in a strong position for the future.

These are the words from Jim’s certificate:

"A Civic Pride Award in recognition of Jim’s chairmanship of the Society. He made a huge contribution to the Society and the village throughout his thirteen years in office. He was passionate about overseeing many new initiatives, developing a large and supportive membership and working closely with the trustees and many other organisations. He leaves the Society in a strong position for the future."

October 2022 Diana Keeble

Diana KeebleWe were delighted to present Diana Keeble with her very well deserved award at the Autumn Fayre (very appropriate really as she pulled the event together !) on the 29th of last month.
The inscription on the award speaks for itself:

"A Civic Pride Award in recognition of Diana’s generosity of spirit, inspirational lead and total commitment to the senior residents of the village throughout the Coronavirus lockdowns and into the continuation of the Addingham Good Neighbours group."

Well done Diana from all your friends at the Society.

February 2022 David Rishworth

Dave RishworthThis year the Trustees unanimously agreed the award should go to David (Dave) Rishworth. Rather than try to set out all the activities, events, etc. that Dave has done over the years and continues to do so ... this is the wording from the Award itself:

"A Civic Pride Award in recognition of his dedication and tireless work at the Cricket Club and supporting the Village Drama, Panto and Cinema nights at the Memorial Hall... to name only a few."

We reckon that about says it all, congratulations Dave and please keep it going.

February 2021 Addingham Visor Army

Addingham Visor Army

“In recognition of the huge effort made by the group to fund, produce and deliver personal protective equipment for front line workers during the 2019 Covid-19 Pandemic.”

Phyllis Robinson
December 2020 Phyllis Robinson

“In recognition of her work in the village and in particular her dedication and commitment to St Peter’s Church.”



Jennings Family
October 2019 The Jennings Family

“In recognition of a family whose contribution to village life is immense.”



Rick Battarbee


December 2018 Rick Battarbee

“In recognition of the time and effort expended in enthusing the young and old of Addingham with his love of the Natural Environment”.


Sue Ross


May 2018 Sue Ross

“In recognition of Sue’s many and varied contributions to the culture, ethos and well being of our Village and it’s residents”.



Don Barrett
September 2017 Don Barrett

“In recognition of outstanding contributions to the heritage, culture and ethos of Addingham”.



February 2016 The Team at Addingham Community Library

“In recognition of the team’s outstanding contribution in saving and operating an important and valued Village amenity”.

September 2014 Richard Hunter-Rowe and the Tour Addingham 2014 Committee

“In recognition of all your hard work in organising and managing a very special Tour de France weekend in Addingham”.

December 2013 Alan Davies

“In recognition of Alan’s outstanding contribution to the health and well-being of the residents of Addingham”.

November 2013 Paul Fletcher

“In recognition of the outstanding contribution to the quality of the Village environment”.

August 2012 The Olive Branch

“In recognition of an inspired contribution to Main Street and their commitment to Village Life’.

August 2012 Addingham Garden Friends

“In recognition of the special contribution made by their volunteers over the years to the quality of life in the Village”.

July 2012 The Fleece

“In recognition of the inspired craftsmanship and sympathetic design of the refurbishment”.