Plaque 15: The Parish Church of St Peter

Plaque 15

The Parish Church of St Peter

Awarded a Blue Plaque in 2016

This plaque commemorates the fact that this has been a place of Christian worship for well over a thousand years and was a place of refuge for Archbishop Wulfere of York who fled here in AD 867 to escape from the Viking invasion.

The first Church building was built in the 12th century, possibly on a site of Pagan worship, and was probably of simple wooden construction.

In the 15th century this was replaced by a stone building, parts of which, including the north aisle, still survive. The south wall was re-built, and the tower added, in the 18th century to make the building that we see today.

Parish Church 1910

The Parish Church in 1910

Parish Church & fishpond 1971

Parish Church and fishpond in 1971