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Members Area

This section of our website is primarily for the benefit of our Members as it includes our Constitution, the Society’s Policies, and papers from our latest Annual General Meeting. We have also included a collection of the Society’s most recent Members Monthly Newsletters.

The Society benefits the village by providing action on civic issues, planning matters, environmental issues and it closely monitors developments which may not always be to the benefit of the village. The Society’s Constitution which was revised in 2016 reinforces this message by stating that:

The Society is established for the public benefit for the following Objects in the ‘area of benefit’ which comprises of the Parish of Addingham in the area of the Metropolitan District of Bradford

  • To stimulate public interest, education and enjoyment.
  • To promote high standards of planning, design and architecture.
  • To promote the protection and enhancement of the historic character of the built and natural environment.
  • To secure the development, retention and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic or public interest, to promote the preservation and conservation of local green environments, in the area of benefit and more generally in Wharfedale.
  • To promote and support sports and recreation facilities for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area of benefit and for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of helping to improve the way of life of the said inhabitants.

These ‘Objects’ or purposes, basically say what the Society will do or certainly try to do!

To support these ‘Objects’ our Constitution also sets out how the Society will try and achieve these. They are referred to as our ‘Powers’ and they underpin what the Society does. To learn more about our ‘Powers’ just click on the link above.

The Society’s Policies cover a range of important matters, such as Financial Management, Complaints, Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, to name just four of them. To learn more about our Policies just click here.

For full details of the Society’s latest Annual General Meeting, again just click here.