Plaque 9: The ‘Piece Hall’, 95/97 Main Street

Plaque 9

The ‘Piece Hall’, 95/97 Main Street

Awarded a Blue Plaque in 2022

This building was constructed for Martin & Samuel Cockshott c1826 and is considered to have the most imposing elevation in Main Street. There is a pediment above tall pilasters within which is a carved urn. it is the only building in Addingham to be illustrated in the Pevsner series of architecture reference books. Local historian Kate Mason described this structure as the Cockshotts’ 'Piece Hall' but production of cotton pieces on hand-looms was then in terminal decline so it may actually have been a retail shop from the start. Certainly, shortly after completion, the building was used as a grocery store managed by James Hudson and was a butcher’s until becoming residential.

Piece Hall

The ‘Piece Hall' in 1996

1950s Piece Hall

Piece Hall in the 1950's