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Winter Warmer Space

In September our Parish Council considered a proposal to host a ‘Warm Space’ during the cold months this winter. They decided unanimously to lead the initiative and to use the Hub to host the ‘Warm Space’, opening 7 days a week throughout November, December, January, February and March.

Our Parish Clerk (Sallie Lloyd) held an informal meeting in the Hub last month for representatives of the various groups, clubs and societies in the village to discuss this important initiative. Sallie has listed the main results from this meeting below:

  • The Hub (above the library) will be advertised as a warm space this winter.
  • The provision will open 7 days a week between 9am and noon. The only day it will be closed is Christmas day.
  • It will be advertised from 1st November - 31st March.
  • Hot drinks, daily newspapers, public laptops and ipads will be available.
  • Free WIFI and charging for anyone wishing to use their own device.
  • Links to associated services if required eg. Foodbanks.
  • Volunteers will work in pairs (at least) to host the warm space.
  • Advertising and promotion will refer to the provision as "Winter Warmer".
  • At each session, at least one volunteer will have L1 safeguarding training as a minimum. This will be provided by Addingham Parish Council as an online 45 min course. (If you already have undertaken training via your employer or voluntary organisation, there is no need to re-train)
  • The space is open to all and we are very aware that the cost-of-living crisis will be felt in some way by all residents. The key message is that the Hub is a warm and welcoming place with free refreshments and everyone is invited to come along.

The Parish Council will fund the initiative and co-ordinate the volunteers required to "host". The overall operational responsibility will rest with the Parish Clerk - Sallie Lloyd.

What happens next?

As you can imagine, the Council will need the community to pull together to provide this warm space for those who need it during the winter months. Volunteers are needed urgently to come forward as hosts. If you work from home and fancy a change of scenery, you could work at the Hub during the drop in session and break off if anyone pops in? Similarly if you have spare time and could spend it at the hub one morning, that would be great too.

The gaps that are immediate are (all dates below are for November):

Saturday 5th 9am - 12noon (2 people)
Sunday 6th 9am - 12noon (2 people)
Saturday 12th 9am - 12noon (2 people)
Sunday 13th 9am - 12noon (1 person)
Saturday 19th 9am - 12noon (2 people)
Sunday 20th 9am - 12noon (1 person)
Saturday 26th 9am - 12 noon (2 people)
Sunday 27th 9am - 12 noon (2 people)

Sallie will be inviting all volunteers to the Hub during w/c 31st Oct for some familiarisation and to answer any questions, and will share the promotional material as soon as possible and ask you to share it with as many people as you can.

If you want to help then please contact Sallie straightaway.

Tel: 07470 537421
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.